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Punctil Knows Healthcare…

Did you know that 46% of patients arrive on average 11 minutes late to their healthcare appointments? (7% do not show up at all.) 60% of those who are treated are late, then ultimately default on the “self-pay” portion of their healthcare bills. Late and chronic no-shows/non-payments are the bane of American healthcare in @ $500K in foregone profit per practice per year.

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How it works

  1. Securely store credit card @ time appointment is sent.
  2. Send real-time status requests on appointment / payment due date.
  3. Charge for no-shows and small balances.

It’s that simple!

New Card Capture Service: Simply patch appointments through to our call center where we will work with patients on payment / financing options for their upcoming healthcare appointments. We’ll get credit cards –on-file and free your front desk to usher in the next patient.

Show Plans & Pricing